Online Applications for Admission

Online applications for admission of AY2014/2015 Intake 2 (Intake commencing January 2015) is open on 1st May 2014 and will close on 2nd June 2014. To apply for admission, please refer to our website from 1st May 2014 onwards.

Foundation Modules Program

The Foundation Modules Program is a short refresher course, specially designed according to B.Tech Programme Modules and it is aim to strengthen the foundation of students in mathematics and basic engineering topics so that they will be able to cope with the B.Tech Programme if they are admitted and have better chances of doing well in their courses. These courses are optional and attendance is not required for admission to the B.Tech Programme. It is entirely up to each individual if he/she wishes to attend. This program is also opened to PUBLIC as it is suitable for diploma holders intending to pursue further university education either locally or overseas. Read more.