Extended Opening hours

Commencing from August 2014, B.Tech will extend its office hours every second and fourth Wednesday of the month, until 8pm. Please click HERE for more details.

Online Applications for Admission   New!

Online applications for admission of AY2016/2017 Intake 2 (Intake commencing January 2017) in Chemical, Electronics, Industrial & Management and Mechanical Engineering are now closed.

B.Tech Preparatory Units (BPUs)

BPUs are short, refresher courses specially designed for diploma holders entering tertiary study. Online registration is now open. Please click HERE for more details.

B.Tech Bridging Units (BBUs)

BBUs are short, intensive courses specially designed for holders of 2.5 years Continuing Education and Training (CET) Part-time relevant Local Diploma in Engineering/Applied Science/Business Practice/Infocomm Technology. Please click HERE for more details.